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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • You're feeling like your partner just doesn't get you, leaving you unseen and unheard?

  • You're stuck in the same exhausting arguments, feeling more hopeless and disconnected each time?

  • You've recently separated and want to heal past wounds and make sure you don't carry old patterns into your new life?

  • Physical and emotional intimacy fading, leaving you feeling alone in your relationship despite your efforts?

  • You're contemplating leaving your relationship and need clarity and support to make the best decision for you?

The power to transform your life begins with courageous curiosity and radical acceptance.

Imagine a life where exhausting arguments give way to genuine resolution and harmony, and where you and your partner elevate both physical and emotional intimacy into a renewed, fulfilling phase of your relationship.


In individual therapy, you’ll heal from heartbreak and find a purposeful path forward, courageously exploring options like reconciliation or separation to make the most informed decision for your future.


Doubts about this transformation are natural, but are you ready to explore these possibilities and make a courageous decision for your future?

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Rebecca Kline, LMFT-Associate

Supervised by Laura Evans, LMFT-S

As you embark on your next step toward healing and transformation, know that you're not alone. Here, you'll find a haven where your voice is heard and your feelings are honored.


I believe all challenges we face in life are relational, whether with others or ourselves. Couples can expect to gain practical skills for communication and deep emotional processing, fostering deeper intimacy and trust. Individuals will get to the root of what's driving the feeling of being stuck, working on past wounds so they are no longer carried into future relationships.


Let's make therapy a rewarding chapter in your life’s story, celebrating your every step of growth and healing.

Our Services


I meet with Rebecca every Thursday for an hour and since working with her, my life has changed dramatically. I cannot believe how kind and genuine she is - it is a truly unique experience. Being in her presence feels so calming and peaceful. I am so grateful to have her on my team and look forward to our meetings each week.

Rebecca is an amazing counselor. She has an amazing blend of insight, understanding, and obvious ability that she brings to the table. She provides remarkable eye-opening breakthroughs in such an effective manner that made everything seem obvious. She suggests wonderfully useful tools for how to do what needs to be done. She is one sharp, intelligent lady who you can tell can just relate.

Rebecca is such an amazing counselor. I really appreciated the help she gave us and I look forward to attending her workshops and retreats. She is lovely to work with and I feel so grateful to have found her! Thank you Rebecca for all that you do.

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